Saturday, September 23, 2006

Change blog objective

Since, my working life is really extremely busy and very tired after work daily. I think my blog objective need to change to share my thinking on software development, project management. Hope you still like it and share with me.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oracle Scheduler components

Read the chapter about the Oracle Scheduler components. I tried to outline the relationship between these components with UML Class Diagram as this.

I found it seems more easy to understand the relationship of these components.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Managing a Standardized Build Process Outside of the Eclipse IDE

Building objects in the Eclipse IDE is simple - it's a point-and-click solution. However, as applications built on the Eclipse platform mature the need for building outside of the IDE increases. This need can be driven by the development team that is striving to perform agile development techniques where builds are executed based on a file 'check-in' action into an SCM tool. The need can also be driven by IT governance where a scheduled and audited production build is required. Moving from builds managed inside of the Eclipse platform to builds managed outside of the Eclipse platform can be a big task in itself. Don't hesitate to make this jump. It's a jump that you'll find you can't do without. The sooner you get out of your point-and-click build process, the sooner your application will begin to mature.

Oracle Log Switch related process

During I prepare the Oracle Certificated Professional Exam, I find it is a little bit complicated to understanding the relationship of different processes in the Log Switch event.

I tried to present it in UML as here.