Saturday, July 22, 2006

Planning IT project

IT project always gives people a bad image that is out of control, delay, over budget... etc.

Why it has such image for the people? The major result is bad planning or no planning when the project is beginning.

Yes, most of the people know there has a product from Microsoft, MS Projects. However, not so much people like to spend their expensive time to use it. This situation specially happening in a SMALL / MEDIUM size company.

Even the people like to use this kind of project plan software to do their IT project. There still another problem that is...
- How to do the IT project plan
- How to estimate the IT project size
- How to control the project under the schedule, resource and archive the milestone

All these areas are very difficult to handle and fully understanding. It's impossible to explain all of these issues here. However, we can take this knowledge from different books and the corresponding project management organizations.

This is 2 famous project management organizations for IT project.
- Project Management Institute (PMI)
- Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2)

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