Saturday, July 15, 2006

Trying other technology for developing client Application

I read the Eclipse web site ( today. I found the new version of the Eclipse IDE 3.2 is released.

I known it has different sub-projects that divided from the Eclipse IDE project before. And, I tried the Rich Client Platform (RCP) when it still be version 3.0. I felt that it is not really mature as i through at that moment.

For the moment, it give me a real surprise when I try to create a sample RCP Application last night. It is very easy to make a RCP application with the wizard provided in the Eclipse IDE by default.

I did a very simple RCP Application by following the tutorial that come with the Eclipse IDE. This is the screen capture of the sample program that i make. I'll make avaliable for your download once i find somewhere can let me put the file there.

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